Following Jesus Christ

in his mission to transform lives and make all things new.



Supporting spiritual awakening through
life-giving community


A Center for Inspired Teaching

We are committed to communicating the truths of the historic Christian faith in a way that is gripping, relevant, and applicable to the lives of New Yorkers, while addressing common questions and objections.  The teaching may be spiritually challenging, but it always centers on a message of grace, which finds its fulfillment in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

In addition, Central has become a “go-to” destination for Christian thought-leaders from around the world through an ongoing series of lectures and seminars.  As a result, Central is a training ground that provides spiritual and theological formation not only for future pastors, but also for lay leaders in business, finance, law, education, healthcare, government, media, and the arts.

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A Multi-Generational Community

Central places a high priority on the relationships we enjoy with one another, and this is not without reason.  We need one another.  It is only together that we can learn to live out the implications of the gospel.  Over the last several years, Central has grown into a culturally diverse and multi-generational body that now includes established professional who are leaders in their fields, many growing families, and a large and dynamic group of students, young artists, and professionals at the beginning of their careers.

We remain committed to cultivating an open and authentic community of people of different ages, cultures, and vocations by drawing people from a wide cross-section of New York who are united in our common commitment to Jesus Christ despite our different backgrounds, personalities, and sensibilities.

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FindA Venue for World
Class Music

In our regular services, we seek to provide a beautiful, expressive and formative worship experience that artfully and unassumingly blends a mix of musical genres and styles in order to lead people into Spirit-filled worship and a life-transforming encounter with the risen Christ. 

Beyond Sunday services, our sanctuary provides an ideal venue for music and the arts.  Some of the most celebrated masterworks of all time by the greatest composers have been showcased at Central as we endeavor to restore sacred music to sacred space.  Central’s sanctuary provides an extraordinary experience for some of the most vital and significant works of music.

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A Space for Children

We at Central love children and believe that they should be both seen and heard because we recognize that they are indispensable to the life of the church. Children do not merely represent the future of the church.  They are vital contributors to the church in the present.

As a result, we seek to faithfully immerse our children in the gospel of grace by embracing them in the life and community of our church, engaging them in worship, prayer, and the study of the Scriptures, equipping them to pursue a life of Christ-likeness in grateful response to God’s love, and empowering Central’s parents to nurture the spiritual lives of their children.

In addition to the church’s own activities for children, Central provides a home for the only classical Christian school in Manhattan.