Our vision is to be a church that experiences the transformative power of the gospel and responds in reliance upon the Holy Spirit by following Jesus Christ in his mission to make all things new at Central, in New York City, and throughout the world.




Dear Friends,

Central's bell tower has been empty since the late 1920's, when its famous 53-bell carillon was transferred uptown. The silence of the bells is a poignant metaphor for the decline Central experienced in the latter part of the 20th century, as the Word of God slowly stopped sounding forth from this church. Now, as part of our building restoration, we are working to return the bells to the tower–and we pray t can be a telling metaphor for Central's renewed commitment to sound forth the gospel from our lives, building, mission, and community.

As Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians, our faith is meant to make a sound, to ring out in ways that point people to the "living and true God." This is the heartbeat of our Restore Central campaign. We believe the gospel is the greatest story ever told. We invite you to join us in helping sound forth the glorious sound of renewal happening in our midst, so a watching city might see a God who renews all things. 


In Christ,

Detail on the Window facing Park Ave. 

Detail on the Window facing Park Ave. 


Rev. Jason D. Harris

Senior Pastor
Central Presbyterian Church