A story of REnewal is sounding forth

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restore Central

A cathedral for the city

New York City is one of the largest, most influential and diverse cities in the world, and a leading center in the areas of finance,  business, law, education, media, and the arts. New York City needs the gospel of grace, but it presents a unique set of challenges for its residents.

New Yorkers grapple daily with the reality of intense pluralism and radical skepticism. In a place like New York City, the gospel must be intelligently articulated in order to be considered credible and authentically embodied in order to have a transformative presence in the City.

With our historic ROOTS, present RENEWAL, and future RESTORATION, Central has been given a unique platform to proclaim the gospel without compromise and to serve the common good in one of the most strategic locations in one of the most influential cities in the world. However, we need a considerable degree of financial assistance from visionary outside sources in order to realize Central’s potential impact on New York City and beyond.

We invite you to partner with us in this critically important endeavor.


Restore Central is a campaign to:


Restore our lives

Restoring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the heart of Central and to our individual lives.

Listen to the sermon Sound Forth!: Restore Our Lives

Restore our Building

Restoring our historic building as a vibrant venue for worship, Christian education, service, and the arts.

Listen to the sermon Sound Forth!: Restore Our Building

Restore the Mission of the City

Restoring the Church's cultural presence to catalyze and support the Christian community's engagement with all aspects of city life.

Listen to the sermon Sound Forth!: Restore Our Mission to the City

Restore our Community

Restoring the multi-faceted, multi-generational community of God's people to the church.

Listen to the sermon Sound Forth!: Restore Our Community


"The Little Cathedral"

Central’s physical building was nicknamed “the little cathedral” in the New York Times when it was first constructed in 1922.  Like the great cathedrals of the Middle Ages, Central aspires to be “a cathedral for the city” by providing not only a place for worship and prayer, but by serving as a center for education and formation and a launching pad for service to the wider community in order to promote the common good.